Hawaiian Kona Volcanic Estate Coffee

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This beautiful blend could easily become your most favorite coffee on the planet. If you appreciate a good cup of coffee this would definitely be my number one suggestion. It is a pricey coffee but it is well worth the money!!! 

Hawaiian Kona is a classic coffee that is medium roasted, full-bodied  and slightly acidic with sweet overtones.  This beautiful, deep, rich coffee has hints of chocolate and caramel and will have the entire area you are brewing in smelling heavenly..


Directions to get a perfect cup of coffee

  • Water makes up 99% of a cup of coffee, quality filtered water will improve the experience
  • Grind your coffee beans with a BURR grinder for the method of brewing you are using such as: drip, espresso, mokapot, pour over chemex, or french press.
  • Proper coffee brewing needs water temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1 Tablespoon for 4-6 oz. of water
  • Example: 12 Tablespoons would make a strong pot of coffee for a 4 cup pot.