Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Single Origin Coffee

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The CREAM of the crop. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the HIGHEST quality coffees available in the world.  This coffee has low acidity with BIG flavor.  This coffee is a good reason for a coffee snob to get up in the morning.

It's 100% pure certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee, and because of the stringent and precise regulations this coffee is considered one of the most exceptional coffees in the world. This coffee will make you feel like you are in "Coffee Heaven"

You will be swept away by the aroma as the coffee is brewing.  This coffee is full-bodied, smooth, and has hints of chocolate that lingers lovingly on the palate.  You will be amazed at how exquisite this coffee tastes!!

Directions to get a perfect cup of coffee

  • Water makes up 99% of a cup of coffee, quality filtered water will improve the experience
  • Grind your coffee beans with a BURR grinder for the method of brewing you are using such as: drip, espresso, mokapot, pour over chemex, or french press.
  • Proper coffee brewing needs water temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit try using an electric tea kettle to get the right temperature for the water
  • 1 Tablespoon of coffee for every 4-6 oz. of water
  • Example: 12 Tablespoons would make a strong pot of coffee for a 4 cup pot.