10 Reasons Why The Glam Cafe' is for Women Like You.

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I know what you are probably thinking. “Not another coffee shop” but wait a minute.  This is not just another coffee shop!  This is coffee created for women by women, with the female focus in mind.  So below are 10 reasons why this coffee shop is for a woman like you.


1. After looking at all the other coffee companies out there one thing I noticed is that they were all very masculine in their packaging.  We as women like pretty things so I created a package that was pretty and glamorous and that would look good on your counter tops.  Also we sell other things that women like in order to be caffeinated and cute!


2. You will always know that you are drinking fresh coffee.  Buying grocery store is well like buying stale chips. LOL Fact is you don’t know how long that coffee sat in a warehouse somewhere before being ground.  Then you don’t know how long the coffee sat on the shelves of the store.  You are running the risk of drinking stale coffee!  Here at the Glam Café’ your coffee is “Roasted to Order”  Meaning you will never find stale beans just lying around.  Your coffee is roasted the same day or the next day after you order to ensure freshness.



3. One of the reasons that I created this was obviously because of my love for coffee but more importantly I could not believe how much I was spending a week for coffee that wasn’t even that good until I pulled my bank statements.  Right then and there I decided I could provide a product that was quality for a great price.


4. Have you ever taken a good look at the amount of calories that are in a Starbuck’s Latte?  I gained so much weight drinking those things.  I decided that I wanted to control what was in my latte so that I was able to control my weight.


5. Raise your hand if you are impatient (slowly raises hand LOL).  I am the most impatient person I know and on top of the fact that I am not a morning person waiting in long lines for my coffee was NOT something I was going to do.  The Glam Café’ coffee allows me to have my coffee when I want it the way I want it.


6. I like to be globally responsible and I know you do to.  A lot of these coffee places are just adding to the issues with straws, and pods etc.  Using the Glam Café’ coffee allows you to use your own mugs or travel cups, and or recyclable cups and lids.


7. Have you ever ran out of coffee at the MOST inopportune time?  I have and it’s not pretty. With the Glam Café’ you never have to worry about being coffeeless you can have coffee delivered as frequently or as infrequently as you like.


8. Never be let down by inconsistent coffee again.  You know what you are getting and you can control when you have it.  Have your coffee your way EVERYTIME. 


9. Never deal with unpleasant customer service again.  I hate paying my money for horrible service.  Here at The Glam Café’ I stand by excellent customer service for everyone.


10. Hey we all know it’s just EASIER to drag ourselves into work once we’ve had our favorite coffee.  Let The Glam Café’ be a part of your morning routine…


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