All About The Glam Cafe'?



I bet you are wondering how a store like this was birthed.  I mean it is not often that you see a combination like this.  A mixture of coffee products and Glam, but in my opinion what two better things go together?

My life had just been shattered.  I found out that my longtime live-in boyfriend and childhood best friend was cheating.  We had a home together, a business together, and we raised our children together.  I was devastated and went through all the different ranges of emotions that women go through when they found out this heartbreaking news. My self esteem was in the toilet and I looked a hot mess.

Coffee got me through my days as I was so depressed I could barely make it out of bed in the morning.  I experimented with different kinds of coffee, and different methods of preparing coffee and before I  knew it coffee had become my new hobby right along with sipping these lovely coffees in mugs that had different messages inscribed on them.  I had a thing for high end coffees the Konas, and the Jamaica Blues.  I knew that if I started an online cafe' these premium coffees would definitely be featured.  

I also got really into makeup and everything Glam.  We all know that a lot of the time we get into relationships and we let ourselves go, during this time I took a real interest in ways I could make myself feel more confident about myself!

I eventually left that relationship and here I am today launching the dream I had been journaling about.  Please come in and enjoy The Glam Cafe'