How to get makeup brushes to look brand new again!

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 Soooooo who else is absolutely tired of buying makeup brushes that lose their shape?  You know what I am talking about you take them out of their brush guard and wash them and then the damn brush looks like you gave them a bad perm.  The bristles are all stiff and dry and sticking out every which way but the right way, and even more upsetting.

I know for me when I was creating the Rose Gold Set I took all those things into consideration because I absolutely hated that when I was using other brands of brushes.  By the way at one point I was only purchasing high end brushes (MAC, Tom Ford etc.) and this was still happening, so most expensive still does not guarantee best.

The bottom line is that you have to care for your brushes.  I know some places have things like brush guards, and clean and shape solutions but when you own a lot of brushes who wants to go through that??  Here is the Solution- Aloe Vera Gel!!!

Yes the same aloe vera gel used for sunburns, natural hair etc.  The aloe in this gel is conditioning for your brushes they will be super soft.  The gel I use is Fruit of the Earth, and it works magnificently.



  • Wash brushes like you normally would and squeeze out water.
  • Get a towel and lay it out on a flat surface.
  • Take a small dab and gel and shape your brush the way you want it and coat the outside with the gel.
  • Lay the brush flat on the towel
  • Let the brushes fully dry.
  • When you get ready to use just move the bristles around to break the molding and you will find super soft, non-sticky, and well-shaped brushes!


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