How To Turn Your Morning Coffee From Mundane To Magickal 🧙🏽‍♀️

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How To Turn Your Morning Coffee From Mundane To Magickal 🧙🏽‍♀️



If you see coffee as a modern addiction that developed because people's lives got so busy and demanding, think again.

The history of coffee as a popular beverage actually has its very roots in magic and mysticism.

The first place historically where people started drinking coffee was Ethiopia (there is an Ethiopian coffee ritual practiced up to this day).

In the 14th century, a Sufi sect (a sect of Islamic mysticists) brought coffee from Ethiopia to Yemen and began cultivating it.

The Sufis used coffee to stay awake during their late-night devotional practices.

In addition to that, they believed that coffee -when you infuse it with prayer and consumed with proper devotion- could lead to “qahwat al-Sufiyya,” a term broadly translated as “the enjoyment which the people of God feel in beholding the hidden mysteries and attaining the wonderful disclosures and the great revelations.”

From there, coffee spread to the rest of the Islamic world and even developed an angelic reputation: according to a legend, it was Archangel Gabriel himself who first served coffee to Muhammad.

When coffee was first introduced to Western Europe, it was met with suspicion and prejudice. We can't tell with certainty if it was because of the bitter taste, its connection with magic and mysticism, its aphrodisiac properties or the fact that it was so popular among Muslims, but catholics became very suspicious towards coffee, going so far as to term it "the bitter invention of Satan".

Pope Clement VIII, however, sampled coffee himself and instantly fell in love with it.

He declared that the drink of the devil was so delicious that instead of rejecting it, a baptism was in order so that they could cheat the devil and banish all the dark magic from coffee.

(So next time someone tells you that coffee is bad for you, you can tell them that it has been officially blessed by none other than the Pope himself :P )


So how can you make a magickal cup of coffee every morning?

1.Purchase your coffee from The Glam Cafe

2. Say a prayer or an affirmation into the coffee and then drink it.

3. Wanna attract money and abundance add some cinnamon (known to attract money) or some apple pie spice, or pumpkin pie spice. Both of these are made with herbs that are known to have properties for money drawing.

4. Lastly, while making your prayers, affirmations, and adding your money drawing spices stir your coffee clockwise to draw these things to you!


So you see your morning coffee does not have to be boring and can serve more than one purpose


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