No Negativity Zone

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If I tell you nothing else I will tell you to protect yourself from people. We all like to believe that people are inherently good, I mean it is hard to believe that people could be mean and evil because we know how good we are, how giving we are, how loving we are, but the sad truth is that there are some people who are not very pleasant, for a variety of reasons.  There are some who are so miserable with their lives that they are not satisfied until everyone around them are unhappy they don’t know how to change their lives and so they project all that stuff onto other people.  Then there are those who are just trouble starters and they get pleasure out of making others upset and causing trouble amongst people, these people also have some internal things going on with them.  Things that they may not be aware of or they may be aware but do not know how to go about changing themselves.



In order to live a life of peace you have to be very protective of your spirit.  You cannot and should not feel guilty for eliminating people and places from your life that are not in alignment with what you want to achieve.  One thing that very successful people understand is that you have to surround yourself with people who either have what you want already or that are on the same path you are on.  There really isn't anyway to maintain a positive mindset while spending a lot of time around people who are not very positive.  I know we want to believe that we can just close ourselves off from people and still perform or that we can achieve success and breakthrough without having to change anything about our lives and it just ins’t true.  I heard someone on social media say it best, she stated “you have to break away from some situations and people to achieve breakthrough”. We are looking for breakthrough not realizing that some of the relationships that we have and some of the situations we are in are hindering us from having a breakthrough, and sadly you won’t see the breakthrough if don't part with some of these situations, habits, and people.

How do you know if you need to part with some things?

  • Are you drained in the presence of after you have been around a certain person or group of people
  • Is the person or group of people mainly negative and down all your dreams and aspirations.
  • Do you feel like you can’t tell the person or group of people about your dreams for fear of being laughed at
  • Are the people or person causing you not to get the work done you need to in order to reach your goals or dreams
  • Does trouble seem to follow this person or group of people.


These are just a few of the things I can think of that would indicate that you would really need to make some real changes in your life in terms of the kind of people or situations you are surrounding yourself with in order for things to start moving in a positive direction your life.  In this new year I hope you take heed to what is being said here because this information could be the difference in you reaching your goals or being in the same position this year as you were last year.


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