Watch their actions not their words

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So I was sitting here drinking my after dinner coffee, thinking about what I have to do for tomorrow and I started thinking about the FB live I did yesterday.  If you missed it you can find it here:   

When you get a chance go and check it out. Anyways I flashed back to that video and how upset I was yesterday and it got me to thinking.  After much thought I decided that I was kinda dumb for even getting mad because I already knew that this person was capable of this kind of behavior.  I just overlooked a lot of things because I had known him all my life, and also if I am being completely honest I just didn't want to face the fact that he could really be this selfish of a person.

Watch Their Actions

Thinking back to the last 6 years it really should not have been a shock that he did this, this is the same person who led me to believe we would be a family we built a home, co-parented our children, had businesses together and so much more and he thought it would be OK to start seeing another woman behind my back.  This is the same person who when we were dating exhibited all kinds of selfish behavior and what it comes down to is really "it's my fault".  Not in the way that you are thinking.  It is not my fault that he acted and still continues to act like an asshole but it is my fault that I have allowed him to stay in my life (even as a friend), and deal with this kind of treatment.  

It's almost laughable to me now.  A friend?  He has no idea how to be a friend or even what the word means.  In actuality I needed yesterday to happen so that it could slap some sense into me ''wake up girl and pay attention" to what is really going on.  

Just last week he was telling me about how he cared about me and blah, blah, blah, and this is where the importance of watching his actions come into play.  His actions from yesterday directly contradict what he said to me last week.  My grandmother used to always tell me that a person may not always tell you how they feel about you but they will definitely show you, and this is absolutely true. His mouth was saying one thing and his actions definitely said something else.  I urge you to always pay more attention to the actions of the people in your life and less attention on their words.  Just doing this will save you a ton of heartache.


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