We are ALL just human!!!!

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There is something that is weird about me.  I am not the most sociable person, it takes me a while to warm up to people but once I do I am normally around them until something happens to change that.  I am not what you call a social butterfly by any means.  I have an appearance of an extrovert but I very much enjoy my time alone.  I am kind of awkward in social situations which is funny because if you looked at me you would think I was totally comfortable.

Now to what's weird about me. People tend to confide in me. Don't ask me why but they tell me there deepest darkest secrets, things they would not want anybody to know, and for them they should know I will die with whatever they told me.  But just knowing this got me to thinking.  

With all the different things that people deal with everyday no matter if you are black, white, or spanish or whatever we all just trying to make it through this thing called life.  In every race someone is dealing with a sickness, someone is dealing with an infidelity.  In every race someone is dealing with something major or at least it is major in their eyes, and I started to wonder instead of judging what if everyone just gave some empathy.

See it's easy to judge because it is not you in that particular situation, and even though you may never be in that specific situation if you live long enough you will find yourself in a position when you could use someone's sympathetic ear.  The things people tell me are sometimes so far from my understanding because I was raised in a way that I didn't have a lot of experiences that other people have had.  I was not exposed to a lot of things other people were exposed to, but instead of judging them for their choices I try to be sympathetic because you never know if by listening you just saved them, and on top of that you may just learn something.

So I challenge you instead of judging people try to be a little more understanding .  Try to be a little more sympathetic of someone's situation, and remember at the end of the day we are all just human!!!


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