A cup of coffee and why you are dreaming to small!

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I have such a soft spot for women I more than anything want for any woman I come in contact with whether it be through social media or personally to be as successful as they want to be.  I realize everyone has a different definition of success so whatever you deem as successful I want that for you.

I remember when I was 20 with a newborn in my arms at Tampa General Hospital and I remember PROMISING him that no matter what I would look out for him and make sure he had the best.  I also told him that he was going to be someone special in this world. At that time I had no idea how I would make that happen or how I would show him how to make that happen.

Something you don't know about me

When I graduated high school I went directly into the Air Force and not by choice.  I was a wild child and an even wilder teenager and I think my parents were just exhausted with the whole ordeal of parenting me and wanted it to be DONE.  One thing about me though is I am not someone who can be forced into anything that I don't want to do, and so even though I went into the military I didn't even make it through bootcamp because I knew that wasn't where I was supposed to be.

Fast forward two years I had this little boy whom I loved dearly but was living in low income housing and on welfare for the first 4 years of his life, but I had big dreams for me and for him.  I knew that the place that we were at was not the place we would be  forever.

Key #1

  • I held the thought in my mind that we would not be in that place forever, I knew bigger and better things would be coming for us.

I later went on to get an AA degree, a BS degree, and in the summer of this year I will have a Master's, and my son has been offered his 15th division 1 full football scholarship. I know you must be thinking HOW?


There is not a doubt in my mind that a large part has to with what I was saying over our situation.  Even though my circumstances looked one way I was constantly speaking about the kinds of situations I wanted to see.  I also taught my son to speak about the things he wanted and not about what he was currently lacking.

Key #2

  • Stop talking about and giving thought towards the things you are lacking.  I know it may be hard when you have bills due and other issues going on but you should make an effort to focus on what you do want to see and then talk about those things (with yourself, don't tell people your dreams they will put their negativity all over them).  The way I make sure I stay focused on the things I want is to keep a list.  I rewrite that list DAILY and I read it three times a day.

    Lastly, I taught him how to dream.  A lot of parents stomp the dreams right out of their children and wonder why they end up the way they do.  I never talked negatively about what his dreams were and I did not allow anyone to discourage him.  The one thing I drilled in his head was that other people had what he wanted, so why couldn't it be him also.  I think just that statement alone put things in perspective for him.  Yes there are some people born in a better situation but as long as there is one person who was born in a WORSE situation and still has the things you want then that tells you that you also can have those things.


    I encourage you to dream BIGGER, I encourage you to write a list of desires and read them often, and I encourage you to speak about what you want to see and not what you currently see!

    With Love,

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